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NATO Days offers a show both in the air and on the ground

20.09.2019, 10:30

We bring a comprehensive and clear description of the biggest attractions that will be seen at the NATO Days in Ostrava and Czech Air Force Days. The organizers promise again an attractive spectacle on the ground and in the sky.

Partner Romania
As a special partner state, Romania will present army`s armoured vehicles in Mošnov. From the TR-85, through the Piranha wheeled armoured vehicle to the self-propelled tracked anti-aircraft gun Gepard. In the flight demonstrations, the Romanian Air Force will demonstrate MiG-21 fighter, IAR 99 Soim training aircraft and IAR 330 Puma helicopter.

Patrouille de France
For the first time in 19-year history, three aerobatic groups will perform at the airport in Mošnov. For the first time, the oldest and one of the most professional - Patrouille de France flying with eight-member formation on Alpha Jets. Many experts rank them among the absolute world leaders. The band first performed in 1931.

World premiere of L-39NG
It will be a world premiere for the public. Aero Vodochody at NATO Days in Ostrava will show its new L-39NG, a direct successor to the legendary Albatros. The aircraft will be presented to the viewers at a static demonstration with weapons systems under the wings.

King of acrobats and fighter
Elite display pilot of army`s Gripen Ivo Kardoš and acrobatic king and winner of prestigious Red Bull Air Race Martin Šonka will repeat their unique joint performance. Visitors to NATO Days in Ostrava will have a unique opportunity to see the breathtaking flight figures of the supersonic machine and the aerobatic special.

Midnight Hawks
Finnish acrobatic group Midnight Hawks at Mošnov airport will introduce four machines Hawk Mk.51. The quality of the piloting technique is as good as the famous British group Red Arrows flying also on Hawk machines.

American giants
The so-called "big" statics is traditionally a big spectator attraction. This year, the visitors can see the giant cargo aircraft C-5M Super Galaxy, strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress and flying tanker KC-135 Stratotanker.

PC-7 Demo Team
This year, the Swiss Air Force team flying in a nine-member formation with PC-7 turboprop aircraft celebrates its thirty-year anniversary. They will be performed in the Czech Republic for the first time since 1995.

Bulk jump
Forty Czech and Polish paratroopers are preparing the first public joint collective combat jump. Members of the 43rd Airborne Battalion from Chrudim and members of the AGAT unit of the Polish Special Forces want to commemorate 20 years of their membership in the Alliance and the 75th anniversary of the largest airborne event in history - Operation Overlord in Normandy.

L-159 attack aircraft strike
Accompanied by massive pyrotechnic effects, a pair of experienced pilots from the 222nd Tactical Squadron from Čáslav with L-159 Alca aircraft will show a strike at ground targets as part of their air demonstration. In June their performance won a prestigious award at the airshow in Cosford, England.

Viper and Venom
United States of America brought combat helicopters UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper of the US Marine Corps, which should replace the Czech Air Force outdated attack helicopter Mi-24/35.

British Typhoon
The British Royal Air Force will be represented by the Eurofighter Typhoon. Dynamic display is designed to demonstrate the extraordinary strength, speed and manoeuvrability of the aircraft.

Intervention against terrorist
The Czech Police SWAT Team and the Slovak SWAT TEAM from Žilina will jointly demonstrate neutralisation of an attacker who wants to hit an airport with a truck full of explosives.

British Tigers
The British Army parachuting team The Tigers can be described as a regular aerobatic team. When jumping, they are equipped with smoke bombs, which allow the viewers to follow the flight path while creating impressive visual effects.

Attack on the enemy
From the Czech Army, a thousand soldiers from various units and 360 pieces of equipment participate in NATO Days. Among the most attractive ground shows is traditionally an attack on the enemy`s positions of the 7th Mechanized Brigade. Soldiers from the 102nd Reconnaissance Battalion from Prostějov are demonstrating the ambush of paramilitary groups.

Atlas from Germany
Tactical transport aircraft A400M is one of the most modern European military aircraft. This year, it is ten years since the first flight of Atlas and five years since it was introduced to the German Air Force.

Assault escort with a prisoner
In the action demonstration, Prison Service officers demonstrate the protection of a column escorting prisoners when attacked by a group of assailants. Thirty people will participate in the roles of attackers and defenders.

AWACS aircraft
After three years, one of the symbols of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance returns, the E-3A Sentry AWACS system with a characteristic large circular antenna on its back.

Unmanned Watchkeeper
The British Army will unveil the Thales Watchkeeper reconnaissance drone for the first time on static. It is one of the most modern UAV in its category of large drones that can be armed with missiles.

Hornets from Switzerland and Canada
The Canadian Royal Air Force will display the CF-188 Hornet on statics. The same machine from the Swiss Solo Display Team will then be presented in a dynamic display in the sky. Although it was originally a multi-purpose US Navy aircraft carriers jet, thanks to its qualities it found its way into the air forces of other states. The Canadian version is also characterized by one specialty, the so-called "fake cockpit", which is painted from the bottom of the fuselage, which should confuse the enemy in dogfights.

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