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IMPORTANT: Security measures information before coming to the event

17.09.2019, 11:30

Based on our experience from NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days in previous years, we would again like to inform you about security measures, which you should be aware of before you come to the venue of our show.

Since the beginning, we have primarily focused on increasing security standards at the show, therefore Visiting Regulations for Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport, where the event takes place, have been in effect for years. Moreover, Code of the Event is also available and we believe that it will contribute to fulfilling our primary goal which is the long-term satisfaction of visitors, participants, and partners.

Overall security of participants and visitors of the event is a clear priority over any other objectives of the event or its programme. In order to follow this rule, we kindly ask you to get to know in detail not only the Visiting Regulations and Code of the Event, but also the following instructions and warnings. Simultaneously,  we reserve the right to deny entrance to the venue of the event or to order anyone out of  venue at any time, without giving any reason.

Similarily to last year, there will be security checks at all entrances to the site, which represent absolute standard at events of this size and format (e.g. Colours of Ostrava, Golden Spike Ostrava, Olympic Park Ostrava). The purpose of this decision is not only to increase security of visitors, but also to pay more attention to the mentioned security rules. Please note that due to organisational reasons we do not provide luggage storages at the venue.

In order to enjoy the excellent programme of NATO Days, we recommend to limit number and size of your luggage in your own interest. The less backpacks and large luggage will have to be checked at the gates, the more comfortable and smooth will your entrance be. We have prepared a set of measures which, in cooperation with you, will contribute to this aim:

  • security checks will start at 6.30AM at all entrances;
  • the venue will open at 8.30AM;
  • Central parking will open at 6.30AM.

Please note that according to the Visiting Regulations, it is forbidden to bring firearms of all categories (A, B, C, D), citing the Act 119/2002 on firearms and ammunition, as well as gas guns, expansion weapons, airsoft guns, mechanic weapons (e.g. crossbows, bows), stabbing or cutting weapons (e.g. long-blade knives, machetes, hatchets) and other objects which can be used as weapons (e.g. baseball bats, batons) or objects which can be mistaken for a weapon as well as any objects which will be considered dangerous by organisers.

Other dangerous objects: explosives and pyrotechnical objects, psychotropic substances (e.g. drugs, narcotics), laser pointers, flying objects (e.g. balloons, radio models of airplanes, drones).

We emphasize that if any of these forbidden objects is found during the security check, the person will not be allowed to enter the venue. This forbidden object may be voluntarily handed over to members of the security agency during the security check, however, without return/refund. Otherwise, the visitor have to secure their own way to store the object.

It is forbidden to enter the venue with animals except for dogs with specific status (e.g. police dogs, guide dogs for disabled).

It is also forbidden to enter the venue with bicycles. For this purposes, there will we three specific storages, more information can be found here.

For more information for visitors visit our page here.

Further notices:
  • Do not leave the children unsupervised. Persons younger than 15 years old will not be allowed to the show without an accompaniment of an adult.
  • Do not wear historical uniforms or any parts of them. Entrance in uniforms is forbidden.
  • Make sure you have an identification document on you (ID card, passport). Organisers or security service may ask you to show your ID at any time.
  • Security cameras are installed in the venue. By entering the venue of the event you agree with production and possible release of audio records or video footage of you.
  • By entering the venue of the event you agree with the Visiting Regulations and Code of the Event. You are aware that their breach will result in denying the entrance to the venue of expulsion from the site.
Our recommendations:
  • Plan your journey to the event with enough of time reserve so you will arrive in advance (traffic jams are very likely).
  • Consider travelling without any large backpacks and other luggage.
  • Provide your children with ear protection and a card with contact details for responsible adult. We do not recommend participation of very little children.
  • For better orientation, please have a look at the map of access roads to the venue, map of the venue itself and location of each of the sectors (marked with different colours and numbers) as well as the location of exits. You will find your way around more easily.
  • Pay attention to the announcements via loudspeakers, NATO Days Radio (where you can also listen to the commentary of the event through your mobile phone) and on the big screens. Please, notice guiding signs placed at the venue.

Not only your unforgettable experience from NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days, but also successful and safe course of the event is our priority. We have prepared an exclusive programme for you while at the same time we want to increase your comfort and safety at the event. We believe you will be observant about your surroundings and together with us you will contribute to your own satisfaction. Should you notice anything unusual or suspicious which may disrupt the event, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers or security services. Thank you and we wish you enjoyable experience at NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days 2019.

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